How Cats Benefit Children

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We live in the country now. It’s a great place to live, but there seems to be one drawback – mice. Our home has mice. These are field mice looking for a warm place to live for the winter, where there is a steady supply of food. Our home is nice and cozy, and with five kids dropping food from …

A chore Routine |

A Chore Routine

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I believe children need chores to build independence and self-confidence. Chores also teach responsibility and a work ethic. Over the last nine years, I have tried all sorts of chore charts, reward systems, and plans. I finally created a chore routine that works for my family.   Our chore routine is flexible and can be altered to match with the …

Hide and Seek

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I wrote the other day about how my baby climbs onto everything, and that even the table’s not safe. Now, she’s started playing a new game—hide and seek. And she has the definite advantage. She’s small, quiet, and quick. But so far, we’re tied. This is how she plays hide and seek. I’ll be doing something—like washing dishes—and she’ll wander …

So, How was Your Day?

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My husband came home from work and asked, “How was your day?” It’s his normal greeting, but it caught me off guard this time. How to even begin to describe how my day had gone? Where to start? The day started out full of promise. I was going to get to do a Mommy craft! (I spend a lot of …

Wood |

A Trip to Collect Wood

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It’s getting on toward autumn in my neck of the woods. The milkweed pods have burst and spread their seeds across the country side. The little creatures are finding nests in which to spend the winter. There are less and less flowers for the bees. The nights are cooler, and the sun seems to take a longer time to warm …

One Year Old riding the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming With Kids

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I have five kids. They are great kids, but they are still kids. And they make messes, a lot, every day. We moved into a home that just had all of its floors replaced. There’s brand new laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room, and brand new carpet in the front room and bed rooms. There’s brand new linoleum …

Drowning in Projects!

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Help! I’m drowning in projects. I have cross stiches I’d like to finish, a baby blanket for my five year old, some wood signs I’d like to work on, and a few sewing projects to do. Not to mention the other 30 percent of my house that needs to still be unpacked. I’d also like to teach my two oldest …

We Have Data!

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Yippy! The area’s ISP service representative came over yesterday, and we are now hooked up to the Internet. I am so happy! I put on Alex Boye’s version of “Happy” by Will Ferrel and did a little happy dance during dinner. My husband threatened to video me dancing – and I said go ahead! It is amazing how much more …

Moving and Packing and Packing and Moving

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In my brief history as a mom, my family has moved at least nine times. We’re in the middle of move number 10. We’re getting pretty good at this, and have learned a few things about moving. We’ve moved with infants; we’ve moved with just a passenger van and a trailer; we’ve even packed and moved in one week’s time. …