strawberry shortcake pancakes |

Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes

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Cooking for a family of seven can be challenging. I try to respect everyone’s personal tastes and make food that is appetizing to both grownups and children. Oh, and I try to find some nutritionally redeeming quality in the recipes I use, too. Satisfying this list is very difficult sometimes. So, on Saturdays I like to take the day off …

My Dare Devil Baby |

My Baby ‘s a Dare Devil!

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I took my three youngest to the park yesterday after Kindergarten. It was a beautiful day for playing at the park. The older two have been to the park a lot in their lifetimes, but the baby has only ever been a passive participant on park trips – until yesterday. I believe this was the first time I just let …

The Ice Queen and her Minion. |

Funny Things Kids Say or Do

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My kids are fantastic comedians. They do or say funny things all the time. I’ve been paying closer attention just so I can share a few of the funny things with my readers. The prime comedian seems to be my preschooler. She is always coming up with interesting questions and answers to those questions. For example, today while we were …

Outside Adventures |

Sunny Day Outside Adventures

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Today started off foggy. Our second grader said “I think the cloud was too heavy. That’s why it’s touching the ground.” I think he was right. Since we’ve moved here, it has rained at least every third day. While we were waiting for the sun to come out, we played “Beauty shop”. My preschooler and Kindergartener put all our hair …

Gymnastics |


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My husband is the king of spontaneity. He likes to say let’s go do something, and then do it. We used to go for drives, go to the movies, or go out to eat on a whim. I remember day trips to the mountains, bowling on a weeknight, or dropping by a friend’s house to play games. Sometimes, we’d even …

One Year Old riding the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming With Kids

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I have five kids. They are great kids, but they are still kids. And they make messes, a lot, every day. We moved into a home that just had all of its floors replaced. There’s brand new laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room, and brand new carpet in the front room and bed rooms. There’s brand new linoleum …

Fourth Grader doing a magic trick. |

Magic Moments

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We discovered a book today that we hadn’t seen for a while. It’s a magic book that I used to learn some magic tricks for my daughter’s sixth birthday party. We just unpacked it today. My daughter used to spend her time reading and practicing tricks from the book, but it’s been in a box or forgotten for about a …

The Finished Kite Project |

Kites and Strings

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We are blessed to live where we can step out our back door most afternoons and fly kites. My kids love to fly kites; my husband loves to fly kites; and I love to fly kites. It is amazing to me that I can stand there, hold the kite string, and the kite just takes off into the sky. I …