Technology allows us to do so many amazing, seemingly impossible things. So, why are we laughing at the pain of others? When did we forget we're all human?

What’s so Funny? Why Are We Laughing at the Pain of Others?

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We’ve all seen the video uploads that go out of the way to poke fun at another person’s distress, emotional or physical. We’ve also seen that these videos get millions of views. More often than not, these videos leave me asking, “What’s so funny?” Why are we laughing at the pain of others? We live in an amazing time. The …

There is great power in kindness, and the world need more people who spread kindness.

There is Great Power in Kindness

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It’s been the longest day ever. Things haven’t gone the way they were supposed to. Nothing’s gone quite right. And then, the unthinkable happens. Someone comes over to the house – the messy, messy house  — and says “I thought you might need some brownies and a friend today.” That act of kindness, with no thought of any kind of …

Service is one way to show Mom how much we love her. This seven days of service for Mother's Day challenges helps children do just that.

 Seven Days of Service for Mother’s Day Challenge

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It can be difficult to think of a thoughtful gift children can give to their mother for Mother’s Day. The usual cards, coupon books, and handprints are nice, and sweet, but sometimes it is nice to give something different and a bit unexpected.  This year instead of promising to do things for Mom – just do the things, one act …

March Fo[u]rth, the Tyler Robinson Foundation

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I met some very amazing people recently. Their mission is to raise awareness about pediatric cancer, its survivors, its victims, and the families in the midst of the battle. They are the Tyler Robinson Foundation. The Tyler Robinson Foundation was created in honor of a very brave young man, Tyler Robinson, who lost his battle with pediatric cancer, in his …

Simple ways to show gratitude |

Simple Ways to Show Gratitude

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Gratitude for gifts is something that is difficult to teach children. After Christmas and birthdays, especially, when everyone has received their wishes, it’s important to teach them to say thank you. And while there can be elaborate ways to express gratitude, sometimes it’s the simple ways to show gratitude that have the greatest impact. One simple way to say thank …

Kroh Family Christmas Display

Kroh Family Christmas Display

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When it comes to decorating my house with Christmas lights, I would like to say that I do a pretty good job.  My parents always made their house into an amazing replica of a gingerbread house during the holidays. I spent countless hours over the Thanksgiving weekend helping my father put the display together. Since I have become an adult, …

Unwanted Sunrises |

Unwanted Sunrises

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There are some moments in life where I wished everything would just stop. My heart had broken for a moment, and I needed time to reflect that break. Yet, the cruel irony is that time continues to go forward and carries everyone with it. No matter how hard I wish it, time won’t stop and it definitely won’t go backward. …

How a simple corn husking shows the love a brother has for his sister.

How a Corn Husking spells Love

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A Lovely Corn Husking Maybe my kids inherited some strangeness from their Mother, or Father, but they spontaneously decided to husk corn the other day. There was a sack full of corn from a neighbor – there are a lot of fantastic farmers and gardeners nearby – sitting on the table, patiently waiting for Mom to get to husking it. …