These candy canes are a super easy and fun craft to make with all ages of kids. As an added bonus, they're full of a tasty suprise for the end of Christmas.

Cardboard Roll Candy Canes

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This week we made toilet paper roll candy canes for our Christmas ornament. This craft has all the fun crafty things my children like to do. We got to paint, use glitter, wrap things in paper, and the craft involved candy – what more could they ask for. Painting the toilet paper rolls two colors necessitates drying time, so this is a good craft to do while waiting for cookies to finish baking, etc. My kids enjoyed this craft, and it was something they could personalize too. And, no hot glue was needed – which makes the craft so much more kid friendly.

Tradition are what make Christmas fun. Here are two of my favorite family Christmas traditions, which bring the spirit of Christmas and giving to our home.

Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

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Trimming the Tree and Setting up the Nativity December has come and with it all the great family traditions that make this month so magical. Each family has traditions that make the holidays more meaningful and enjoyable. These traditions are what everyone looks forward to, and are what holds families together. For the next month, I will be sharing some …

Here are some activities to honor Veterans Day that preschoolers love to do.

Simple Ways to Honor Veterans Day

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Finally, the Great War had ended. After years of muddy, horrible trench warfare and terrible deaths, the surviving soldiers could put down their weapons and go back to their loved ones. Countries could begin to rebuild and life could start getting back to normal. The armistice agreement for World War I started on the 11 hour of the 11 day …

Toddlers love to mimic what they see around them and this holiday gift guide for toddlers highlights some great toys that encourage mimicry and play.

Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

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When babies hit that toddler stage, they start getting really busy. They are exploring and finding all sorts of new things to do. My baby loves music and things that light up. She is fascinated by things that stack and stick together. She loves anything she can push around (including the garbage can). And she’s a big fan of baby dolls with eyes that can open and close.

Columbus Day came and went without much notice, which got me thinking. Here are a few reasons why it's good to celebrate Columbus Day.

Let’s Celebrate Columbus Day Next Year

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Columbus Day came and went this year without much ado. I’m not even sure Columbus was mentioned at my children’s school. This saddens me because what Christopher Columbus did was not only very brave, but really important. Granted, there were some negative side effects, but there were also some pretty good positive side effects. But, because of the age of …

We made these beautiful Sego Lily hair clips to celebrate these life saving flowers.

Sego Lily Hair Clips

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The Utah State Flower is the Sego Lily because it is an amazing flower. When the Pioneers first arrived in Utah, it was late in the planting season. After planting, and a successful start to the crops, Mormon Crickets descended devouring entire fields of crops. The next Spring, the Pioneers’ food started running out.  The Pioneers were facing starvation. The …