There are so many terms for classifying children, but these classifications are harmful. This article lists reasons why why we shouldn’t label children.

Why We Shouldn’t Label Children

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What is the value of a life? How can we tell, by looking at scores or features, what someone will do in life? How much do we really need to categorize people to make sense of the world? There’s been so much labeling of people – whether because of choices, behaviors, intelligence, or body make up. This labeling is damaging …

It's so important to give each child one-on-one time. We achieve this by giving each child their "fifteen minutes of fame" every day.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame – we’ve been told. And coming from a large family, I remember craving my parents’ attention. They were great parents and taught me more about life, living, and how to be a productive adult than I can even begin to mention. (Although, I plan to, some time.) But, there were seven kids in …

Understanding that actions have consequences is difficult for any aged child, but especially for toddlers. Here are three gentle ways to teach this concept.

Playing “What Happens Next” — teaching toddlers that actions have consequences

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One of the hardest concepts for children to understand fully is that their actions have consequences. Even my fifth grader struggles with this idea on a regular basis. Although it’s difficult, it’s important to begin teaching this lesson at a very young age. I like to make the first lesson of this concept into a game with my toddlers. Sometimes …

The trap of comparison often makes first-time parents stressed out and worried for no real reason because each child develops uniquely and independently.

The Trap of Comparison

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There’s one piece of advice I wish I had listened to when I was a new Mom. I was told by a very loving person that there’s no room for comparison when raising children. I wish I had listened to that bit of advice, instead I found myself falling into the trap of comparison when my first child didn’t follow …