Fine motor skills are important to little hands learning how to write. Here are 20+ activities from KBN bloggers that focus on developing fine motor skills.

The Importance of Developing Fine Motor Skills

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 20+ Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills When I was a young mother of a precocious two-year old, I focused on teaching her everything she would need to know for Kindergarten. We worked on knowing what the colors were, how to count to 20 verbally and with objects, and the ABC’s. However, I overlooked the importance of developing fine motor …

This Roll-A-Santa preschool activity is such an egaging, educational, and entertaining activity. We were playing and laughing all morning.

Roll-A-Santa Preschool Activity

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It’s not often that I’m more excited than my preschoolers to participate in an activity. But, as I was preparing this Roll-A-Santa preschool activity, I could barely contain my excitement. This was going to be so much fun, was all I could think over and over as I set up our game. Our game was going to teach so many …

P is for Playful – a Preschool Unit

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Preschoolers love to play, imagine, and play some more. Play is important to preschoolers’ development. It helps them understand the world around them and work out difficult feelings. Play also helps preschoolers learn social skills, turn taking, etc. In other words, play is a crucial part of child development for preschoolers. Our current preschool unit – P is for Playful …

Here are some activities to honor Veterans Day that preschoolers love to do.

Simple Ways to Honor Veterans Day

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Finally, the Great War had ended. After years of muddy, horrible trench warfare and terrible deaths, the surviving soldiers could put down their weapons and go back to their loved ones. Countries could begin to rebuild and life could start getting back to normal. The armistice agreement for World War I started on the 11 hour of the 11 day …

There's a lot to do during fall, and here are five kid-friendly fall activities that will help the whole family enjoy the fall season, without extra stress.

Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

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Everyone seems to be writing about their fall bucket list, and I’m going to join in with a list of kid-friendly fall activities. I love fall. I think it’s my favorite time of year. Fall is harvest time in the garden; dress-up time for the trees and children; and hot cocoa time in the evenings. However, with five children, I’ve …

Preschoolers love Halloween and my preschoolers wanted to make some Halloween decorations, so we made this fun and easy lighted ghost garland together.

Lighted Ghost Garland – a Halloween Preschool Activity

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My preschoolers were ready for something Halloween to do.  Last week, we decorated for Halloween, and that just seemed to whet their appetite for all things Halloween. Instead of locking myself away and creating something for them to look at, I thought it would be more fun for them if we made something together. We wanted something fun, simple, kid-friendly, …