This Mathematics in Action: N is for Negative Numbers includes two activities (with printables) to introduce children to negative numbers and the number line.

Math in Action: N is for Negative Numbers

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Negative numbers are a difficult concept for children to grasp, especially young children. It’s hard to understand what having less than nothing actually means. However, negative numbers are part of Math curriculums – there’s just no escaping them. So, for our STEAM series our Math in Action: N is for negative numbers. This Math in Action consists of two activities. …

This Science in Action: L is for Light activity uses sparklers and a digital camera to capture light and start discussion of what light is and how we see.

Science in Action: L is for Light – Exploring Light using Sparklers

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The patriotic celebrations came – and were fun – and went before I had a chance to help my children use some sparkler fireworks I’d bought. Rather than letting the sparklers wait for another year, we used them to explore light in our Science in Action: L is for Light unit. My children had a lot of fun dancing around …

Explore the science behind earthquakes in this Science in Action: E is for Earthquakes. Make some earthquake gelatin and explore plate tectonics with your preschoolers.

Earthquake Gelatin: A Physical Science Exploration for Preschoolers

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How the Earth moves has always fascinated me. The formation of mountains, the movement of the continents – all that just seems so impossible but it happens. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos – these are all results of the movement of the Earth’s plates. My children seem equally fascinated by these forces as well. It is always easier to teach children about their interests – so I made some earthquake gelatin to show them how the Plate Tectonics works.

This is the first of two parts in my M is for Monster-- M themed preschool unit focusing on developing fine motor skills, and letter recognition.

M is for Monster — M Themed Preschool Unit Part 1

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Our unit, M is for Monster, includes: fine motor skills practice, letter recognition, letter formation, and a set of books, all themed around monsters. Each activity is designed to take less than 30 minutes – perfect for summer school. This is part 1 of my M themed preschool unit and includes a fine motor skills activity and a uppercase/lowercase letter …

Sometimes the weather can make gross motor play difficult - but that changes with a simple indoor, gross motor obstacle course. Here's one we made recently that was fun for the kids, easy to set up, and gave all my children a great gross motor work out.

Indoor, Gross Motor Obstacle Course

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Sometimes the weather doesn’t allow children to easily play outside. And most children need some form of gross motor play to help them stay manageable. My favorite way to help my children get this gross motor play, indoors, is through an indoor, gross motor obstacle course. This obstacle course was simple to put together and a favorite of my preschooler …

The Equal sign is often confused to mean "the answer goes here". In this activity, E is for equals, preschoolers learn equals means "these are the same". This activity, involving popcorn, makes understanding this concept fun and easy.

 E is for Equals

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When I was brainstorming an idea for our next preschool unit, I mentioned doing E is for equals to my husband – the math teacher. His first response, “Only if you teach her that equals means the same value is on both sides.” A lot of elementary students think that the equal sign means “the answer goes here”, instead of “this …

We spent a day discovering kites as part of my Mathematics in Action, letter K unit, in our STEAM home learning experiences. The two activities helped my children understand the mathematical concept of kites, and was fun too. This post includes a free printable and lesson plan.

Mathematics in Action – Discovering Kites

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There is a shape that is the bane of my husband’s (the math teacher) existence. The shape is properly called a kite. However, most children have been taught that it is a diamond. According to my husband, all that students need to know is that diamonds are shiny, carbon-based gemstones that are rare and valuable – and not geometric shapes. …

We worked for two weeks so we could complete a kps on a craft stick and glue suspension bridges. My kids want to do it all again - loving summer homeschool!

Engineering in Action – KPS on a Craft Stick and Glue Suspension Bridge

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Engineers spend a lot of time running KPS tests, or stress tests, on various building materials. It’s important for the tests to be run so that they know if the materials they use will be able to withstand the stresses the materials will face after being put together. I have a budding engineer, so for this Engineering in Action we completed …