It's hard to know which online educational programs are worth it and do a great job. Here are my suggestions after 7 years of searching.

Technology in Action – O is for Online Educational Programs for Kids

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There are a lot of recommendations about what kids should spend their time doing. More importantly, there are a lot of recommendations about how long children should spend looking at a screen.  The American Pediatrics Association recommends children over the age of two should only have 1 to 2 hours of screen time a day. That’s a narrow time allowance …

The Home Art Studio — A Fantastic Art Curriculum

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My Kindergartner and preschooler had the opportunity to work through “The Home Art Studio”, with Lindsey Volin, Kindergarten program last school year. We received the Kindergarten video and art supplies in exchange for a review of the curriculum. All the opinions are mine and those of my children. The Home Art Studio curriculum was a fantastic art curriculum to have …

Tuki's Island Play and Party Center |

Tuki’s Island Play and Party Center at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

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Tuki’s Island at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium has a fantastic big kid play area, with a motion-sensor gaming system, fabulous tubes and obstacles, and slides all around. There is also a great toddler play area where my smaller children can dash about without me worrying if they are going to be knocked down. Also, there are comfortable lounging chairs for parents to enjoy. And, as a thoughtful touch, Tuki’s Island also has a quiet play area, which includes infant toys, puzzles, and books. We were invited to spend about two hours in this play facility, and my children had so much fun they were really hard to gather so we could go home.

A Mother's Shadow - a Book Review |

A Mother’s Shadow – A Book Review

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The book, A Mother’s Shadow, follows the fictional story of Harry and Emily Cross, during the settling of the United States interior. Also included in the book are chapters of reflection about the lessons and experiences Harry and Emily have. The book is almost like two books mingled together; one being a love story set during the United States’ western expansion, and the other a self-help book for people looking for ways to better their lives and their relationships with their family, friends, and God.

The 39 Clues: a book review |

Book Review for The 39 Clues, the original series

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My fourth grader is currently enamored with the Scholastic book series The 39 Clues. She has practically devoured the entire series. She’s read eight of the 11 books in the series in less than two months. I’ve also read these books, so I thought I’d spend just a moment and write a book review for The 39 Clues, the original series.