The Best Craft, Education, & Parenting Posts of 2015 from the Kid Blogger Network.

Best Posts from the Most Awesome Bloggers in 2015

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Hello All! I am thrilled to be a part of the Kid Blogger Network!  They are an awesome group of bloggers.  As we start 2016, we decided to look back at all of the posts that we wrote in 2015, and share our best posts.  We write posts in many different topics, so today you can see them sorted by …

Even though it's cold outside, we still managed to have some fun and learn about molecular movement with these balloons in the snow activities.

Science in Action: M for Molecules

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Balloons in the Snow An exploration of molecular movement Outside of my house, there is alot of snow.  The temperature hasn’t gotten above freezing for several weeks.  But, my husband and I spent the weekend filling hundreds of water balloons with air for our kids to play with outside. Are we crazy?  Is it cold and snowy outside? Yes, but that’s …

There are some surprising keys to successful, fulfilling adult lives that need to be discussed and fought for so that our country begins to thrive again.

Surprising Keys to Successful, Fulfilling Adult Lives

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I’m about to write something offensive. I try not to be offensive, most of the time. But, today I’m going to get it for what I’m about to write. Which is interesting, because really all I’m trying to support is hard work, personal responsibility, and critical thinking. These are all skills my husband and I work hard to teach our …

P is for Playful – a Preschool Unit

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Preschoolers love to play, imagine, and play some more. Play is important to preschoolers’ development. It helps them understand the world around them and work out difficult feelings. Play also helps preschoolers learn social skills, turn taking, etc. In other words, play is a crucial part of child development for preschoolers. Our current preschool unit – P is for Playful …

It's hard to know which online educational programs are worth it and do a great job. Here are my suggestions after 7 years of searching.

Technology in Action – O is for Online Educational Programs for Kids

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There are a lot of recommendations about what kids should spend their time doing. More importantly, there are a lot of recommendations about how long children should spend looking at a screen.  The American Pediatrics Association recommends children over the age of two should only have 1 to 2 hours of screen time a day. That’s a narrow time allowance …

The ocean is so amazing, and fun to study. This Science in Action: O is for Ocean uses a video and an ocean in a bottle to teach children about the ocean.

Science in Action: O is for Ocean

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My children love the ocean. My oldest, especially, is fascinated with everything oceanic. My children habitually beg to be taken to whatever is the nearest aquarium. When we finally visited the California coast a couple of years ago, we couldn’t leave without a trip to the beach. We stayed so long our baby fell asleep on our beach towels. This …

Columbus Day came and went without much notice, which got me thinking. Here are a few reasons why it's good to celebrate Columbus Day.

Let’s Celebrate Columbus Day Next Year

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Columbus Day came and went this year without much ado. I’m not even sure Columbus was mentioned at my children’s school. This saddens me because what Christopher Columbus did was not only very brave, but really important. Granted, there were some negative side effects, but there were also some pretty good positive side effects. But, because of the age of …