Technology allows us to do so many amazing, seemingly impossible things. So, why are we laughing at the pain of others? When did we forget we're all human?

What’s so Funny? Why Are We Laughing at the Pain of Others?

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We’ve all seen the video uploads that go out of the way to poke fun at another person’s distress, emotional or physical. We’ve also seen that these videos get millions of views. More often than not, these videos leave me asking, “What’s so funny?” Why are we laughing at the pain of others? We live in an amazing time. The …

There are so many terms for classifying children, but these classifications are harmful. This article lists reasons why why we shouldn’t label children.

Why We Shouldn’t Label Children

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What is the value of a life? How can we tell, by looking at scores or features, what someone will do in life? How much do we really need to categorize people to make sense of the world? There’s been so much labeling of people – whether because of choices, behaviors, intelligence, or body make up. This labeling is damaging …

It's so important to give each child one-on-one time. We achieve this by giving each child their "fifteen minutes of fame" every day.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame – we’ve been told. And coming from a large family, I remember craving my parents’ attention. They were great parents and taught me more about life, living, and how to be a productive adult than I can even begin to mention. (Although, I plan to, some time.) But, there were seven kids in …

Truly Beautiful

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My husband asked me an interesting question the other night. He asked “Why is it okay for women to call themselves ugly, fat, gross, or other deprecating terms?” And, I really didn’t have an answer for him. I commented on how women get sent a lot of messages that they aren’t “enough”. They get sent messages that they aren’t “good …

Some of the most important lessons in life aren't taught in a classroom -- they are taught when we are out connecting to nature and remembering its beauty.

Connecting to Nature

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This summer, my family has spent a lot of time out in the beautiful wilds of Utah. We’ve been fishing places that feel like they have been untouched by humans. My children have learned how to follow trail blazes – even my preschooler now knows what a blaze looks like. We have weathered sudden hail storms, thunderstorms, and ferocious wind …

There is great power in kindness, and the world need more people who spread kindness.

There is Great Power in Kindness

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It’s been the longest day ever. Things haven’t gone the way they were supposed to. Nothing’s gone quite right. And then, the unthinkable happens. Someone comes over to the house – the messy, messy house  — and says “I thought you might need some brownies and a friend today.” That act of kindness, with no thought of any kind of …

How popular culture and the media are subtly corrupting the definition of love in our society.

The Subtle Corruption of Love

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I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating about social and political trends. I see a lot of positive publicity when someone does something that is non-traditional. It’s almost like a celebration and a media feeding frenzy. Almost always, these non-traditional decisions are portrayed as being motivated by love.  But, I wonder, has the media and politics of the day started …

Here's my list of five things every father should teach his daughters to help them become the best women they can.

Five Things Every Father Should Teach His Daughters

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Fathers are so incredibly important to their daughters. Fathers are their daughters’ first love, first example of manhood, first protector, and first champion. Along with that, fathers are in a unique position to teach their daughters very important, empowering lessons. Here’s a list of five things every father should teach his daughters. 1—How to get their fingers dirty. Life is full …