Some Christmas cards have more sentenmental value than others. These Chrsitmas card scenes make a great way to save and present them.

Christmas Card Scenes

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Kid Created Christmas Ornament I was going through some of the beautiful Christmas cards we received last year, and the year before, and I ran across some from my Grandparents. I lost all my Grandparents within 18 months of each other, and seeing their greetings, handwriting, and love again was a sweet and emotional experience for me. I wanted a …

P is for Playful – a Preschool Unit

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Preschoolers love to play, imagine, and play some more. Play is important to preschoolers’ development. It helps them understand the world around them and work out difficult feelings. Play also helps preschoolers learn social skills, turn taking, etc. In other words, play is a crucial part of child development for preschoolers. Our current preschool unit – P is for Playful …

This Mathematics in Action: N is for Negative Numbers includes two activities (with printables) to introduce children to negative numbers and the number line.

Math in Action: N is for Negative Numbers

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Negative numbers are a difficult concept for children to grasp, especially young children. It’s hard to understand what having less than nothing actually means. However, negative numbers are part of Math curriculums – there’s just no escaping them. So, for our STEAM series our Math in Action: N is for negative numbers. This Math in Action consists of two activities. …

Saturday Evening Family-Friendly Free-For-All

Saturday Evening Family-Friendly Free-For-All (Week Twenty-Three)

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Thanks for visiting my linky party!  I will spend the week visiting each and every one of your posts, and leaving comments, sharing, liking, and pinning.  I will feature my favorite posts next Saturday during the next Saturday Evening Family-Friendly Free-For-All. I will send out an e-mail to every person who submits a link reminding them about the party when …

Retro RePin Party 30

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Welcome back to the Retro Re-Pin Party.  Here are some things that I have blogged about this week:   My Featured Posts: My Big Fat Happy Life shows how to make some adorable Recycled Paper Beads.  These are just gorgeous!  I love her quote about her daughter, and how her daughter is a jewelry person. Encourage Play wrote a wonderful post about …

The Best Kid Blogger Posts of 2014

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I am a member of the Kid Blogger Network. This wonderful community really has TONS of great ideas and includes the best bloggers that blog about kids. We have come together with all of our Best Kid Blogger Posts of 2014. Every post on this page is the best post of the year for a particular blogger. Please, spend some …

78 minutes -- Just to Fold the Socks |

78 Minutes – Just to Fold the Socks

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Seventy eight minutes! Three Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhoods! That’s how much time I dedicated to folding the family’s socks this morning. I was astounded! 78 minutes –just to fold the socks. I put on my favorite PBS Kids show to occupy the two children who didn’t go to school. I love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. (That may be a post for another …

Epic Craft Fail |

An Epic Craft Fail!

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Editors Note: This craft was thought up by the author without consulting Pinterest, and this post is her own commentary about this hairbrained idea that took up our table all week. (Perhaps, in the future she should consult Pinterest first.) I’ve been working all week on a fun, “easy”, paper craft that can be done with kids in preparation for Halloween. …