With the gift giving season upon us, it can be difficult to find something for young boys. Here is my holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6.

Holiday Gift Guide for boys ages 4 to 6

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Our middle child is an energetic young boy. He loves building and creating things. He also loves reverse engineering things too. He is super active and loves all types of sports. He can turn anything into a jungle gym – including my front room furniture. He is intensely curious about the world around him and right now is fixated on anything Pokemon. If you have a boy like this, then I hope this holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6, will be helpful this season.

Sports equipment
This year seems to be about sports. Adjustable basketball standards or Tee ball practice stands from Fisher-Price were popular. So were soccer nets and kid sized football uprights. It seems like any type of sports equipment will fill the bill this year. Using all these sports equipment will definitely help develop important gross motor skills and burn off some of the extra energy little boys seem to innately have inside them.

Farkle and Penguin Pile Up
Board games encourage turn taking and direction following, both of which are social skills that are developing during this age range. Farkle and Penguin Pile Up were both two board games that caught my boy’s eye this year. He’s always up for a good board game, and these are two new games that I’ve heard good things about.

All of my children have fallen in love Pokemon in all the varieties. There are Pokemon card games played regularly, not to mention that Netflix is carrying the Pokemon TV series now. We even have Pokemon pretend play, where our children act as Pokemon and trainers and go on a “journey”. My first grader purchased a “How to draw Pokemon book” at the school’s book fair and managed to draw/color every picture in the book. So, anything with Pokemon on it will be a huge hit!

Early Chapter Books
My son has fallen in love with books this year. He loves the Box Car Children series, the Magic Tree House books, and any Fly Guy book.

Black and Decker workbench and hand tools
My son in also enamored with hand tools, power tools, anything tools. He loves to construct and reverse engineer whatever Mommy will let him. (and a few things Mommy didn’t let him.) He is curious and likes knowing how things work. These work bench and hand tools create an environment that is safe for this type of discovery and imagination.

Pretend play: firefighter outfit and play food
My little boy likes to play pretend. He likes to be a super hero, firefighter, or a chef. So anything that helps to create a better opportunity to achieve this pretend play is fabulous. Boys need pretend play just as much as girls to process the world around them, to learn important social skills, and to better relate with their peers.

There you have it! My top picks for boys ages 4 to 6. How about your little guys?  What’s something they would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

Holiday Gift Guide boys 4 to 6

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