There's a lot to do during fall, and here are five kid-friendly fall activities that will help the whole family enjoy the fall season, without extra stress.

Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

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Everyone seems to be writing about their fall bucket list, and I’m going to join in with a list of kid-friendly fall activities. I love fall. I think it’s my favorite time of year. Fall is harvest time in the garden; dress-up time for the trees and children; and hot cocoa time in the evenings. However, with five children, I’ve had to create a simplified list of fun things to do, including a chore or two, too.

1 – Enjoy the Remaining Warmth

Getting outside and doing activities as a family is really important to me. Bike riding, treasure hunting, or just playing outside are great ways for my family to enjoy these last few days of warm (or warm-ish) weather before winter sets in.

In our quest to get outside, and into the great outdoors we've developed on great addiction: Geocaching. We have fantastic adventures because of it. CHeck out what geocaching is all about in this post.Developing a love for reading sometimes requires a field trip to the park for a book-nic. This animal-themed book-nic was a great way to encourage literacy.

2 – Eat Puffed Rice Popcorn Balls, Caramel Apple SlicesHomemade Chili, and Pumpkin Bread (just not all together)

Part of what I like best about fall is the food. The house isn’t as hot, so there’s no excuse not to bake. The garden is in full harvest mode, so there’s no shortage of fresh food. And, the flavors and spices are warm and comforting. Some of my favorite family recipes are fall recipes. Eating them is like a hug from my Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. Plus, all the fall food leads up to the best feast of the year – Thanksgiving. It’s just a great season to eat in.

Summer zucchini is coming on strong, and here are two garden friendly zucchini recipes to help use them up. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.Homemade-Caramel-Sauce-1

3 – Make fun, easy, and neat decorations with my children (and build a few memories too)

I love to make things. I love to craft, and I enjoy (believe it or not) crafting with my children. There are so many fabulous things we can make to bring the beauty of fall inside, that I almost want to start mid-August. (But that’s just a little too early.) I love the oranges, yellows, and reds of fall in the mountains and can’t wait to bring some of those colors inside. Plus, I have fantastic memories of helping my mother and father prepare for the fall holidays with decorations and displays in the house. So I know my children will also have those positive associations when I spend time doing the same sort of things with them.

A top from a tomato cage and newspapers create the base for this upcycled Halloween wreath, which was a lot of fun to make and finished before lunchtime.This is a 5 minute Fall Leaf Centerpiece the whole family can help create that will bring the mountain fall beauty indoors.

4 – Visit a Corn Maze

I’m so directionally impaired that corn mazes are truly difficult for me, even with a map and clues. The first time I held a boy’s hand was in a corn maze. I held it because I was terrified of being left in the maze alone.  (And because he was cute, to be honest.) Yet, I find corn mazes fascinating works of engineering, agriculture, and cartography. So, I keep going back. One of these years, I’ll be able to read the map, and not get lost in the maze.

5 – Get the House Ready for Winter

I hate to admit it, but my garage has suffered from needless chucking of things into it this summer. There are cardboard pieces of contraptions my children were building, next to the most recent set of toys they’ve abandoned, next to camping gear, bicycles, clothes, books, and tools. But no car. Everyone, where we live, says to expect a very harsh winter. I’ll need my garage to store my cars (so they’ll start) and not so much my stuff. I’ve started the cleaning and have won back one corner. I have faith I’ll get the rest of the corners, plus the middle, cleaned out, thrown out, or donated before winter gets here. Other chores that need to be completed before winter set in can include stacking the wood pile, planting bulbs for the spring, cleaning out the fire place, raking leaves, putting the vegetable garden to bed, etc. There’s a lot of outside work that needs to be finished up, and kids are great outside helpers. Plus learning how to work and care for a house is very important.

There you have it – my list of kid friendly fall activities – nothing too elaborate or overwhelming to spoil the amazingness that is fall. (Yes, my children WILL help with the garage — families work together, too.) But, there’s enough stuff here that my children will make fun memories this fall too.

What’s on your list this year?

There's a lot to do during fall, and here are five kid-friendly fall activities that will help the whole family enjoy the fall season, without extra stress.

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