The Insider’s Guide to the Family Friendly Attractions of Las Vegas: The Coca-Cola Store

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Our next stop on our day of adventure took us next door to M&M’s World at the Coca-Cola Store. This is our experience there as part of The Insider’s Guide to the Family Friendly Attractions of Las Vegas: The Coca-Cola Store.

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Like M&M’s World, the store is set up as a fantastic souvenir store for the Coke lover. I found a great Coca-Cola bottle penny bank at the store. It was $20. I didn’t get it this trip but plan to next time.

Aside from fun shopping, the Coke store offered a professional photo op with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear. The Polar Bear was really personable and funny. He tried to eat my husband’s head in one photo. As we were leaving, the bear winked at my baby, which got a surprised smile from her. The great thing about this photo session was that the photographer allowed personal photography too.  The professional packages started at $25. We didn’t buy the package, but we still got a great photo with the Polar Bear.

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My favorite part of visiting the Coca-Cola Store, though, was the “Tastes of the World” experience. For $7, we got to try 16 different flavors of sodas popular in different countries around the world. And by try, I mean about 6 fluid ounces of soda to drink of each flavor. There was enough soda for everyone to try each flavor, and then pick the one they wanted to finish off.

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I loved this flavorful experience. My husband and I both spent a few years out of the U.S., so some of the flavors were very familiar. And some flavors were not so familiar.

The Insider's Guide to the Family Friendly Attractions of Las Vegas: The Coca-Cola Store, the next attraction I'm highlighting from the Vegas Strip.

Some of the sodas were different, but pleasant. Some tasted fine until the aftertaste hit– then they tasted like soap. And some were breathtakingly gross.

My husband and I first tried the “Tastes of the World” on our honeymoon. It was even more fun this time, though, watching my children’s reactions to the different tastes. And yes, I gave little sips of the soda to my baby. Her reactions were the best to watch. I was standing, and holding the baby, so everyone in the place got a good look at her reactions. When she tried the fantastically gross soda, we got great laughs from a table nearby. Good times, that’s for sure. (And no, I don’t think she’ll be traumatized for life – this time.)

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Finally, we went for a ride in the Coca-Cola bottle elevator. My kids love elevators. They could spend all day playing on elevators. How often, though, can they get to act like the carbonation bubbles in a bottle of Coke? The elevator is a glass elevator, so there are fantastic views of the nearby resorts and attractions.The Coca-Cola Store body 6

One thing to note, the elevator opens directly into an Outback Steakhouse, which surprised me. The hostess seemed unperturbed at our appearance, however.

Our adventure wasn’t finished with this attraction either. The Coca-Cola Store pinThere were still plenty of family and budget friendly attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Our next stop will be the Bellagio Gardens and Water Show.

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