This Roll-A-Santa preschool activity is such an egaging, educational, and entertaining activity. We were playing and laughing all morning.

Roll-A-Santa Preschool Activity

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It’s not often that I’m more excited than my preschoolers to participate in an activity. But, as I was preparing this Roll-A-Santa preschool activity, I could barely contain my excitement. This was going to be so much fun, was all I could think over and over as I set up our game. Our game was going to teach so many …

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas picks up, thoughts of simplifying Christmas for my family weighed on me. Here's what I changed.

Simplifying Christmas

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Oh, the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season! There’s so MUCH to get done, so many great things to do as a family, and then there are all those projects, crafts, and activities that everyone will love to do. PHEW! That list makes me exhausted, just writing it. I’m beginning to think that my family might need to begin simplifying …

Some Christmas cards have more sentenmental value than others. These Chrsitmas card scenes make a great way to save and present them.

Christmas Card Scenes

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Kid Created Christmas Ornament I was going through some of the beautiful Christmas cards we received last year, and the year before, and I ran across some from my Grandparents. I lost all my Grandparents within 18 months of each other, and seeing their greetings, handwriting, and love again was a sweet and emotional experience for me. I wanted a …

The Gift Giver is an amazing Christmas story every family will love, and the lamb ornament craft is a fun way to bring the book to life.

The Gift Giver

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Book Review and Craft There’s a new Christmas book every family needs to have in the library. It’s called “The Gift Giver”. This fantastic book is the story of how Santa Claus got his start. This sweet, emotionally real, and spiritual take on the Santa Claus story is not only refreshing, but also immensely enjoyable. *I received a copy of …

With the gift giving season upon us, it can be difficult to find something for young boys. Here is my holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6.

Holiday Gift Guide for boys ages 4 to 6

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Our middle child is an energetic young Kindergartener. He loves building and creating things. He also loves reverse engineering things too. He is super active and loves all types of sports. He can turn anything into a jungle gym – including my front room furniture. He is intensely curious about the world around him and right now is fixated on anything Pokemon. If you have a boy like this, then I hope this holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6, will be helpful this season.

These candy canes are a super easy and fun craft to make with all ages of kids. As an added bonus, they're full of a tasty suprise for the end of Christmas.

Cardboard Roll Candy Canes

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This week we made toilet paper roll candy canes for our Christmas ornament. This craft has all the fun crafty things my children like to do. We got to paint, use glitter, wrap things in paper, and the craft involved candy – what more could they ask for. Painting the toilet paper rolls two colors necessitates drying time, so this is a good craft to do while waiting for cookies to finish baking, etc. My kids enjoyed this craft, and it was something they could personalize too. And, no hot glue was needed – which makes the craft so much more kid friendly.

Tradition are what make Christmas fun. Here are two of my favorite family Christmas traditions, which bring the spirit of Christmas and giving to our home.

Favorite Family Christmas Traditions

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Trimming the Tree and Setting up the Nativity December has come and with it all the great family traditions that make this month so magical. Each family has traditions that make the holidays more meaningful and enjoyable. These traditions are what everyone looks forward to, and are what holds families together. For the next month, I will be sharing some …