This Christmas Eve devotional, with a printable script & MP3 files, invites the spirit of Christmas and is the perfect length for young children.

Christmas Eve Devotional

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There is something comforting about a warm cup of cocoa, carols, and the reading of Luke 2 all shared together. It unites the family and sends everyone off to bed in a peaceful, contented way.  One of my favorite parts about this evening devotional is the inclusion of sacred carols with the reading. My Christmas gift to you this year …

With the gift giving season upon us, it can be difficult to find something for young boys. Here is my holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6.

Holiday Gift Guide for boys ages 4 to 6

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Our middle child is an energetic young Kindergartener. He loves building and creating things. He also loves reverse engineering things too. He is super active and loves all types of sports. He can turn anything into a jungle gym – including my front room furniture. He is intensely curious about the world around him and right now is fixated on anything Pokemon. If you have a boy like this, then I hope this holiday gift guide for boys ages 4 to 6, will be helpful this season.

Toddlers love to mimic what they see around them and this holiday gift guide for toddlers highlights some great toys that encourage mimicry and play.

Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

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When babies hit that toddler stage, they start getting really busy. They are exploring and finding all sorts of new things to do. My baby loves music and things that light up. She is fascinated by things that stack and stick together. She loves anything she can push around (including the garbage can). And she’s a big fan of baby dolls with eyes that can open and close.