We all have faced moments when we needed our family's support. Here are three ways we can work on strengthening family friendships.

Strengthening Family Friendships

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We’ve all been there… The family reunion –aunts, uncles, first cousins thrice-removed, and other relatives  — everyone gathered to celebrate a progenitor from a hundred years ago. Does the word awkward ring a bell? These gatherings are fantastic, and important, but if effort isn’t put into strengthening family friendships then no one will feel very comfortable. Part of the trick is …

The fall time change is coming, and after some trial and error I've a way of surviving the time changes with small children that's fun and easy.

Surviving the Time Changes with Small Children

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It’s that time of year again… time to change the clocks back an hour. All my life, I have hated the time change – especially the spring change forward. Once in high school, for whatever reason, my alarm clock was wrong, and went off hours earlier that it should have. My sister and I got up, dutifully dressed and got …

There's a lot to do during fall, and here are five kid-friendly fall activities that will help the whole family enjoy the fall season, without extra stress.

Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

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Everyone seems to be writing about their fall bucket list, and I’m going to join in with a list of kid-friendly fall activities. I love fall. I think it’s my favorite time of year. Fall is harvest time in the garden; dress-up time for the trees and children; and hot cocoa time in the evenings. However, with five children, I’ve …

Understanding that actions have consequences is difficult for any aged child, but especially for toddlers. Here are three gentle ways to teach this concept.

Playing “What Happens Next” — teaching toddlers that actions have consequences

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One of the hardest concepts for children to understand fully is that their actions have consequences. Even my fifth grader struggles with this idea on a regular basis. Although it’s difficult, it’s important to begin teaching this lesson at a very young age. I like to make the first lesson of this concept into a game with my toddlers. Sometimes …

The trap of comparison often makes first-time parents stressed out and worried for no real reason because each child develops uniquely and independently.

The Trap of Comparison

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There’s one piece of advice I wish I had listened to when I was a new Mom. I was told by a very loving person that there’s no room for comparison when raising children. I wish I had listened to that bit of advice, instead I found myself falling into the trap of comparison when my first child didn’t follow …