One of the most difficult jobs a mom can have is comforting sick kids, while still getting some work done. I offer a few ideas to smooth out that stress.

Comforting Sick Kids, While Still Getting Some Things Done

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It is hard to have anyone in the family sick, but it’s hardest to have one, or heaven forbid, more than one child sick at a time. Illness just throws everyone off schedule and routine. And mommy’s just want to take care of those who are suffering. So, how can mommies spend their time comforting sick kids, while still getting …

Sometimes the weather can make gross motor play difficult - but that changes with a simple indoor, gross motor obstacle course. Here's one we made recently that was fun for the kids, easy to set up, and gave all my children a great gross motor work out.

Indoor, Gross Motor Obstacle Course

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Sometimes the weather doesn’t allow children to easily play outside. And most children need some form of gross motor play to help them stay manageable. My favorite way to help my children get this gross motor play, indoors, is through an indoor, gross motor obstacle course. This obstacle course was simple to put together and a favorite of my preschooler …

Summer can be stressful time for families. Here are five tip for sanely surviving the summer break -- making it a fun and enjoyable break for everyone.

Five Tips for Sanely Surviving the Summer Break

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Ahh, summer time. It’s here at last. No more teachers, no more books, no more schedules, etc. . . . Except that this laissez faire attitude usually leads to chaos, confusion, and contention among my children and stress for my husband and I. So, when summer comes, I am ready — the hyper-preparedness is really a fete of personal preservation …