Our baby's first love is Alex Boye YouTube videos. She loves them so much she "sings" along.

My Baby’s First Love

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I would like to think I am the center of my baby’s world, but it’s just not true. She has a crush, perhaps an infatuation. In a way it’s kind of cute, and it’s also very useful. See, my baby’s first love are Alex Boye videos on Youtube. She loves them – the whole collection. It is amazing the power those …

Quiet time | MommyCrusader.com

Quiet Time

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We have a tradition in our home where the house is quiet after lunch for a couple hours. We call this time quiet time. Quiet time lets everyone recharge so that the rest of the afternoon and evening goes more smoothly. It’s one way I try to fight off the “witching hour” from 4:30 until 6 in the evening, so …

taming the laundry monster | MommyCrusader.com

Taming the Laundry Monster

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Okay, friends, those of you with squeamish stomachs shouldn’t read any further. I’m about to reveal a dirty little secret. It’s one we all share – whether we’re single, married, married with kids, single with kids. We all have . . . dirty laundry. And we all know what happens if we don’t do our laundry regularly. We end up …