This fun and cute Valentine’s Day Banner is a great way to create memories with kids of all ages.

Valentine’s Day Banner

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Sometimes, when making crafts with preschoolers, the crafts turn out so cute that I just can’t wait to share them. This Valentine’s Day Banner is one of those times. The banner is fun and simple to make, and looks adorable. An added benefit is that this Valentine’s Day Banner also helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, and …

This is a 5 minute Fall Leaf Centerpiece the whole family can help create that will bring the mountain fall beauty indoors.

Five Minute Fall Leaf Centerpiece

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Capturing the beauty of fall is often difficult or time consuming. Creating the perfect table dressing to celebrate the brightly colored changes can end up being costly. However, creating this five minute fall leaf centerpiece is neither difficult, time consuming, or costly. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend time together as a family. The great thing about this craft …

When my lovely children decided to scratch tally marks into the top of my toddler table, I took action with a toddler table refinish for less than $30.

From Scratches to Finishes:  Toddler Table Refinish

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Last year, I went to a woman’s group and learned about chalk paint. Now, I might have been the only one who didn’t know about chalk paint, but I have fallen in love. The paint is the fastest way to refinish  a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g! I’ve spent some time working on refinishing projects (thanks in part to some inspiration from Redo It Yourself …

As the end of the year nears, it becomes time to thank our children's teachers. We made recycled candy bouquets teacher appreciation gifts as thank yous. This craft finishes in about three hours, was simple to make, and looks awesome.

Recycled Candy Bouquets Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Our school year is ending. I am amazed every year at how much work it is to end the school year. Part of that, I think, comes from everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – wanting to be done with school. The last week is especially difficult for teachers. During this last week of school, I like to give my …

We made these beautiful Sego Lily hair clips to celebrate these life saving flowers.

Sego Lily Hair Clips

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The Utah State Flower is the Sego Lily because it is an amazing flower. When the Pioneers first arrived in Utah, it was late in the planting season. After planting, and a successful start to the crops, Mormon Crickets descended devouring entire fields of crops. The next Spring, the Pioneers’ food started running out.  The Pioneers were facing starvation. The …

This is a craft the whole family can help with and is a lot of fun to do. The finished eggs look like they’re made from painted antiqued wood, and are a fantastic addition to any Easter décor. Happy crafting!

Textured Easter Eggs

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Here’s a fun Easter craft that the whole family can do!  The results are fabulous Textured Easter Eggs!  These will be a wonderful addition to your Easter decor for years to come.  This is a wonderful family activity.  It needs to be done in stages, so you can schedule several crafting sessions with this great activity. This post contains affiliate …