This post talks about the love languages of children and the three important ways children know that love is spoken here, within our families.

Love is Spoken Here – Ways to Help Our Children Feel Loved and Accepted

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Love, I think, is the most sought after emotion by all humans. We crave feeling loved. Many bad relationships happen because people aren’t receiving enough love and go seeking it from any source they can find. Love has the power to change lives, and the absence of love has the power to devastate lives. It is so important that love is spoken here in our homes.

There are no magic secrets for getting siblings to play together, but these three ideas will help them play together nicely.

Secrets for getting Siblings to Play Together

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Oh, the exuberance of Christmas morning! Amid the unwrapping and laughter of the festive morning, there’s the expected glee of playing with new gifts. But, then there’s also the inevitable contention that comes when one sibling wants another to share the new toy. Are there secrets for getting siblings to play together? I think there are three – setting reasonable …

Fewer skills are harder to impart than teaching our children self-control. Here are four ways to help them learn this important skill.

Teaching our Children Self-Control

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Let’s face it, one of the hardest things for anyone to master is self-control. And, self-control is such an integral part of life as an adult. Successful completion of schooling requires self-control. Staying employed requires self-control. Maintaining a happy marriage requires self-control. Keeping out of trouble with law enforcement requires self-control. In short, living a happy and productive life requires the …

Christmas can be an overwhelming experience for toddlers. Here are some ways for helping toddlers survive Christmas.

Helping Toddlers Survive Christmas

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Christmas is a magical time of year. There’s the hustle and bustle of going to see Santa or the Nutcracker ballet. There are family and friends to visit, get-togethers, work parties, and church parties to attend. Not to mention the goodies, the lights on the Christmas tree, and all the pretty packages waiting to be unwrapped. Christmas is toddler over-stimulation …

There are some surprising keys to successful, fulfilling adult lives that need to be discussed and fought for so that our country begins to thrive again.

Surprising Keys to Successful, Fulfilling Adult Lives

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I’m about to write something offensive. I try not to be offensive, most of the time. But, today I’m going to get it for what I’m about to write. Which is interesting, because really all I’m trying to support is hard work, personal responsibility, and critical thinking. These are all skills my husband and I work hard to teach our …

Toddlers love to mimic what they see around them and this holiday gift guide for toddlers highlights some great toys that encourage mimicry and play.

Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

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When babies hit that toddler stage, they start getting really busy. They are exploring and finding all sorts of new things to do. My baby loves music and things that light up. She is fascinated by things that stack and stick together. She loves anything she can push around (including the garbage can). And she’s a big fan of baby dolls with eyes that can open and close.

An important part of a parent's job is to be prepared for emergencies. Here are a few ideas to help keep your family protected.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

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Last year, around this time our furnace needed to be turned off. We had a natural gas leak because of improper installation and a lack of air circulation. It was a mixture ripe to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. We were fortunate that we have a fireplace to heat our home with. And, thanks to some good friends, we had gone two …