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Raising Kind Children

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Kindness, or the ability to think about, understand, and respond appropriately to other people’s needs and wants, isn’t something that comes naturally to humans. We are all born just a bit on the self-centered side. Babies come helpless and full of needs. As children grow, they experience many emotional and physical changes. Part of those changes is the ability to …

Toddlers can sometimes get really bossy. Here are three tips for unbossing a bossy toddler.

Three Tips for Unbossing a Bossy Toddler

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Toddlers can be headstrong little people, that’s for sure. They are just coming into their independence and are willing to express it anyway they think they can. Sometimes the expression of their independence leads to the toddler bossing the family around. This can be a difficult situation. Here are three tips for unbossing a bossy toddler. The best offense is a …

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Hugs and Cuddles

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Do you know my favorite time of day? Cuddle time with my kiddos. Yep, that’s right. I live for that time when my kids slow down, the day slows down, and I get to hold their little bodies for a moment. Maybe we watch a movie, maybe we read a book, or maybe we just talk; but, for a few …

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Taming the Laundry Monster

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Okay, friends, those of you with squeamish stomachs shouldn’t read any further. I’m about to reveal a dirty little secret. It’s one we all share – whether we’re single, married, married with kids, single with kids. We all have . . . dirty laundry. And we all know what happens if we don’t do our laundry regularly. We end up …