In our quest to get outside, and into the great outdoors we've developed one great addiction: Geocaching. We have fantastic adventures because of it. CHeck out what geocaching is all about in this post.

One Great Addiction: Geocaching!

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Moms, I know you have heard all about how we need to encourage our children to get out there and move. Be active, stay healthy! The US Centers for Disease Control recommend an hour of activity a day for children and adolescents. Now, personally, I don’t like to just “workout”. I like to be doing “something”. Hiking, gardening, racing, playing …

Some of the most important lessons in life aren't taught in a classroom -- they are taught when we are out connecting to nature and remembering its beauty.

Connecting to Nature

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This summer, my family has spent a lot of time out in the beautiful wilds of Utah. We’ve been fishing places that feel like they have been untouched by humans. My children have learned how to follow trail blazes – even my preschooler now knows what a blaze looks like. We have weathered sudden hail storms, thunderstorms, and ferocious wind …

In this Art in Action: L is for Line Drawing. We spent a couple afternoons creating our own line drawings together. This is a fun technique to explore.

Art in Action: L is for Line Drawing

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There is a pen and ink technique that creates amazing finished products. It’s very time consuming and difficult to master – at the same time, even little children can create art using this method. For this Art in Action, L is for Line Drawing.  My children found this form of art challenging, but exciting, to do. With line drawing, the …

This Science in Action: L is for Light activity uses sparklers and a digital camera to capture light and start discussion of what light is and how we see.

Science in Action: L is for Light – Exploring Light using Sparklers

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The patriotic celebrations came – and were fun – and went before I had a chance to help my children use some sparkler fireworks I’d bought. Rather than letting the sparklers wait for another year, we used them to explore light in our Science in Action: L is for Light unit. My children had a lot of fun dancing around …

We finished the summer with a great campout -- including 8 children. Here's my list of the ABCs of camping with children that will make any campout great!

The ABCs of Camping with Children

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We just finished our vacation this summer on a wonderful campout with some great friends of ours. Both families love camping, the outdoors, and hiking. We also enjoy each other’s company – a lot. So, camping with these friends of ours is always an adventure, ever pleasant, and great fun for everyone involved. These friends of ours also have a lot …

St. George, Utah, has a fantastic children's museum where we spent many enjoyable hours on our visit to southern Utah. Check out our favorite exhibits.

The St. George Children’s Museum

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We’ve been spending some time as a family near Southern Utah and Southern Nevada during this and last summer. And, as we’ve traveled we have come across some great places to go as a family. We’ve visited the Bellagio, the Linq High Roller, the Coke Store, M & M World, and Cathedral Gorge State Park. We’ve also added the St. George …

We spent a great weekend camping at Cathedral Gorge State Park -- running around canyons, exploring caves, and enjoying the beauty of the desert.

Camping at Cathedral Gorge State Park

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We recently spent a weekend camping at a fantastic state park, Cathedral Gorge State Park. While there, we found ourselves galloping around slot canyons, formed by run-off through soft bentonite clay after Lake Bonneville drained a few thousand years ago. The canyons and park are great fun – that’s why I recommend camping at Cathedral Gorge State Park. These canyons …

The Linq High Roller Observation Wheel is a great family attraction that allows for beautiful views of the Las Vegas valley. We enjoyed our trip around the wheel -- it was a good break from the craziness of the Strip.

The Insider’s Guide to the Family-Friendly Attractions of Las Vegas: The Linq High Roller Observation Wheel.

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Our next activity on our crusade to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip was the Linq High Roller Observation Wheel. The Linq is a newer attraction to Las Vegas. The Linq is a  huge observation wheel – larger than the London Eye – lets visitors see amazing panoramic views of Las Vegas Valley. It is part of the Linq Resort on …

I really love to go camping with my family and friends. Our recent trip almost didn't happen because of damage done by a windstorm -- but we fixed things.


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We like to go camping. By that, I mean we like to take our kids camping and we like camping with friends. There’s something about sitting around the fire – chatting, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, listening to the night sounds, seeing the sun and moon rise. There’s something about having no technology to intrude on family time. Nature recharges our …