Some of the most important lessons in life aren't taught in a classroom -- they are taught when we are out connecting to nature and remembering its beauty.

Connecting to Nature

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This summer, my family has spent a lot of time out in the beautiful wilds of Utah. We’ve been fishing places that feel like they have been untouched by humans. My children have learned how to follow trail blazes – even my preschooler now knows what a blaze looks like. We have weathered sudden hail storms, thunderstorms, and ferocious wind …

There is great power in kindness, and the world need more people who spread kindness.

There is Great Power in Kindness

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It’s been the longest day ever. Things haven’t gone the way they were supposed to. Nothing’s gone quite right. And then, the unthinkable happens. Someone comes over to the house – the messy, messy house  — and says “I thought you might need some brownies and a friend today.” That act of kindness, with no thought of any kind of …

Gardening this season has taught me some interesting lessons about growing children and some veggies.

Growing children and some veggies

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I grew up in a very warm climate. We’re talking summer time temperatures reaching 115 F in late July and staying through August, sometimes even September.  Despite this, my family grew vegetable gardens. We started them in February, shortly after President’s Day. We usually bought starts. And, we worked in the back yard loosening the soil, adding in mulch and …

How popular culture and the media are subtly corrupting the definition of love in our society.

The Subtle Corruption of Love

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I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating about social and political trends. I see a lot of positive publicity when someone does something that is non-traditional. It’s almost like a celebration and a media feeding frenzy. Almost always, these non-traditional decisions are portrayed as being motivated by love.  But, I wonder, has the media and politics of the day started …

Here's my list of five things every father should teach his daughters to help them become the best women they can.

Five Things Every Father Should Teach His Daughters

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Fathers are so incredibly important to their daughters. Fathers are their daughters’ first love, first example of manhood, first protector, and first champion. Along with that, fathers are in a unique position to teach their daughters very important, empowering lessons. Here’s a list of five things every father should teach his daughters. 1—How to get their fingers dirty. Life is full …