2015 has ben an amazing year! Here are the top 10 posts for 2015 for Mommy Crusader & Her Knights and Ladies. Which one is your favorite?

Top 10 Posts for 2015

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Wow! What a year 2015 has been! Thank you all for being such great supporters of Mommy Crusader & Her Knights and Ladies. I’m excited to start 2016 with a quick trip down nostalgia lane with a look at the top 10 posts for 2015.

My 10th most popular post of 2015 is If I Ran the Zoo Crazy Animal Creation Activity.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

My children love to play “what if?” right now, and it’s a fun game. It has lead us on amazingly imaginative journeys to lands made up of food and skies that never rained. One of my favorite authors is also known for his amazingly imaginative journeys – Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. And one of his stories – “If I Ran the Zoo” – fits into my children’s flights of fantasy really well. Here is an “If I Ran the Zoo” crazy animal creation activity.

If-I-Ran-The-Zoo-Crazy-Animal-Activity picture

My 9th most popular post of 2015 is Three Tips for Unbossing a Bossy Toddler.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“Toddlers can be headstrong little people, that’s for sure. They are just coming into their independence and are willing to express it anyway they think they can. Sometimes the expression of their independence leads to the toddler bossing the family around. This can be a difficult situation. Here are three tips for unbossing a bossy toddler. Bossiness is something that takes consistent effort to control and change. Many times the biggest issue is that the child doesn’t have the right vocabulary to express himself or herself in any other manner. Bossiness is easier to correct the sooner it is dealt with.”

Toddlers can sometimes get really bossy. Here are three tips for unbossing a bossy toddler.

My 8th most popular post of 2015 is Love is Spoken Here –Ways to help our children feel loved and accepted. 

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

Love, I think, is the most sought after emotion by all humans. We crave feeling loved. Many bad relationships happen because people aren’t receiving enough love and go seeking it from any source they can find. Love has the power to change lives, and the absence of love has the power to devastate lives. It is so important that love is spoken here, in our homes. There are many other things that we can do to help our children feel loved, but these are the basics. If we can master these, then we will be a long way down the road to creating loving, accepting, and valuing relationships within our families. And love is an amazing thing – the more we give it away to those around us, the more we receive in return.  Let’s share the love with our children and spouses by speaking softly to each other, sincerely complimenting each other, and spending time with each other.

Love-is-Spoken-Here pin (1)

My seventh most popular post of 2015 is Two Garden Friendly Zucchini Recipies.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“Some of the ways I’ve used the abundance of zucchini now blessing my garden are fairly well known, e.g. zucchini coco cake and zucchini bread. However, this summer, with the help of my extremely talented husband, we’ve developed and refined two zucchini recipes that fool people into think there’s no zucchini in them. I have to admit, it’s almost become a game for me. Where can I put zucchini that my family won’t notice it in this meal?

The first of these recipes is a sweet bread similar to a banana bread or pumpkin bread – except that it’s made from pumpkin puree, shredded zucchini, and shredded carrots. …  I’ve named it Garden Bread, because it’s made from the vegetables common in the garden.”

Summer zucchini is coming on strong, and here are two garden friendly zucchini recipes to help use them up. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

My sixth most popular post of 2015 is Felt Flower Art for Mother’s Day.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

This fun craft is easy to do for most children, and makes a very beautiful gift to give to Mother. This craft is a fun way for children to build a nice present for their Mom, and it makes a nice piece to display. It does take an adult’s supervision to create this craft. Also, the patterns provided are just suggestions. Any shaped piece of felt can be used to create the flowers. The trick is to thread the pipe cleaner through is such a way that the felt becomes layered and shaped. We had a lot of fun experimenting with different shapes and styles.

My children created these beautiful felt flowers with me.

My fifth most popular post of 2015 is Five Things Every Father Should Teach his Daughters.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“Fathers are so incredibly important to their daughters. Fathers are their daughters’ first love, first example of manhood, first protector, and first champion. Along with that, fathers are in a unique position to teach their daughters very important, empowering lessons. Here’s a list of five things every father should teach his daughters. Fathers are so important to their children. The lessons Fathers can teach their daughters are many, but the most important lesson Fathers can teach is that their daughters are loved for who they are and no matter what.”

Five-Things-Every-Father picture

My fourth most popular post of 2014 is The Candy Experiment.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the post:

“My fifth grader came home the other day all excited. She’d apparently just had a fantastic science class and wanted to do a science project at home. We’d just been to the store, and I had purchased a few pounds of candy. She decided to see which type of candy would dissolve in water the fastest and how long it would take for all the candy to dissolve.  My fifth grader was very surprised by the way the candy dissolved. Honestly, so was I. The best part about this experiment for me was watching my daughter be excited about finding the answer. This experiment was her design and her idea. She was curious and figured out a way to satisfy that curiousity.”

The Candy Experiement cover

My third most popular post of 2015 is Teaching Children to Not Hit!

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“Many times children hit because they are frustrated with a situation and don’t have the skills to alleviate their frustration. Some of these skills are cognitive and some of these skills are verbal. And, unfortunately some of these skills just take time to develop. But there are things that can be done to scaffold, or support, the child until the skills have had time to develop. Anyway parents go about it, teaching children to not hit is a journey that takes practice and a lot of patience.”

Teaching children to not hit requires commitment and patience. Here are some techniques I've used with my children that have been successful.

My second most popular post of2015 is Seven Tips for Surviving the Terrible Twos.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“It’s important to remember what causes the Terrible Two’s. There are two major factors in all the tantrums, “no’s”, and fights. The first is an inability the toddler has to communicate what she wants. She has experienced enough of the world now that she has some very decided opinions. Unfortunately, her language development has not kept pace with her understanding. This understanding to language deficit causes the toddler to have a lot of stress. The main way she alleviates that stress is through crying or tantrum throwing.

The second major factor involved in the Terrible Two’s is that the toddler has just reached a childhood development stage named “autonomy versus dependence”. In other words, the toddler has just figured out that she is her own being –separate from Mommy. She is also learning she has her own will and voice. And although the tantrums are very frustrating for the parents, they are how the toddler is expressing her voice, will, and separate self.


And, my number 1 most popular post for 2015 is Three Tips to Help Overstimulated Children.

Here’s a brief exerpt from the post:

“What does an overstimulated child look like? Overstimulated children can look very different. One child may shut down completely and just sit there – without paying attention to anyone or anything in their environment. Another child may become angry and aggressive – trying to control the environment by using physical aggression. Another child may start running around and “bouncing off the walls” as a way to deal with the overstimulation. And another child might just start crying uncontrollably because everything feels out of control. Overstimulation manifests itself differently for each child and looks like “out of control” for that child. Anyway about it, an overstimulated child can cause chaos in the family.

Before going into the tips, though, it’s important to note that what is over stimulating can vary greatly from child to child and person to person. Sometimes, it can be too much background noise. Sometimes, it can be too many bright colors. Sometimes, it can be the feel of the fabric the child is wearing. It is very important to try and understand what is causing the overstimulation. Limiting exposure to that stimulus will help the child greatly. However, sometimes that’s just not possible. That’s when these tips can come in very handy.”

Sometimes, helping overstimulated children requires special techniques. This article talks about three that have worked well for me.

While I normally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I do have a few exciting goals for 2016 — including more Alphabet STEAM activities for grade schoolers; a parenting e-book; and more great preschool activiites focusing on numbers. If there’s anything you would like me to write about, please suggest it in the comments or on FaceBook — I’m more than happy to do requests! Thanks again, and Happy New Year.

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