There are so many ways to make a family garden. This year I've started my garden for $50. Here's how to make an inexpensive upcycled family garden.

How to make an Inexpensive Upcycled Family Garden

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Putting in a family garden has been a long-standing family tradition and is something I love doing. During World War II, the family garden was called a victory garden because it allowed more of the country’s resources to be devoted to feeding and outfitting those in the military. Not only is the family garden a tradition, it is a very …

There's a lot to do during fall, and here are five kid-friendly fall activities that will help the whole family enjoy the fall season, without extra stress.

Kid-Friendly Fall Activities

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Everyone seems to be writing about their fall bucket list, and I’m going to join in with a list of kid-friendly fall activities. I love fall. I think it’s my favorite time of year. Fall is harvest time in the garden; dress-up time for the trees and children; and hot cocoa time in the evenings. However, with five children, I’ve …

Summer zucchini is coming on strong, and here are two garden friendly zucchini recipes to help use them up. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Two Garden Friendly Zucchini Recipes

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Where I live mid-summer is about time to start locking car doors. Not that anything will be stolen from the vehicle, but more to prevent people from leaving behind zucchini. August is the height of zucchini season. Granted, zucchini starts coming on for a month or so prior, but by August the plants are producing fruits with an enormous amount of passion. It leaves …

Gardening this season has taught me some interesting lessons about growing children and some veggies.

Growing children and some veggies

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I grew up in a very warm climate. We’re talking summer time temperatures reaching 115 F in late July and staying through August, sometimes even September.  Despite this, my family grew vegetable gardens. We started them in February, shortly after President’s Day. We usually bought starts. And, we worked in the back yard loosening the soil, adding in mulch and …